Coming  at  You  From  the 

Grande  Voiture  du  Virginie


Fairfax County 1569 was founded in 1982 when a small group of Legionnaires and Voyageurs decided to form a new Voiture in Lorton, Virginia.  Legionnaires and Voyageurs enlisted the help of Mr. Harry P. Graul, who had served as a Chef de Gare and held several positions in the Grand Voiture du Virginia. 


Mr. Graul signed up enough members from Lorton Post 162 and received a temporary Charter in 1982 with the help of Grand Correspondent Jim Burden.  It wasn’t until 1989 that the Voiture received its official charter and the name FAIRFAX COUNTY VOITURE LOCALE 1569. 


For a few years it was a Voiture Locale without a Chateau and Promenades were held at the Post home of Lorton American Legion Post 162.  To this day we continue to make the American Legion Post 162, our home. 


One day it was discovered by Harry that the Virginia railroad system was doing away with their Caboose’s.  He contacted them and after a few calls the Virginia Railroad system donated a Caboose for our Chateau and shipped it down to Alexandria, VA  along with rails, cross timbers, and spikes.  To this day the Caboose is located behind Post 162 as shown in the picture above. 


Today in the Nationale Organization, it is known as the only known Chateau on Rails, Fairfax County Voiture Locale 1569, Lorton, Virginia.  Lorton Post 162 leased the property to the Voiture for  $1.00 a year for thirty years.  Voiture 1569 spent $800.00 dollars to move the Caboose from Alexandria to Lorton, VA.  If you have the opportunity to visit us, you will see a renovation of the (Caboose) Chateau, that you’ll never believe. 


Voiture 1569 started with the original ten founding Voyageurs and has grown to our current membership of  52. 


Every May Voiture 1569 is proud to be a part of the Memorial Day Celebration.  Voyageurs from all over the nation come to Lorton, VA to participate in the handing out of flags at the Arlington National Cemetery on the last Monday of the month.  Sunday night before Memorial Day a banquet is held at Post 162,  Legion Drive, Lorton, VA for all those who participate in the National Ceremony. 


Voiture 1569 is proud of its heritage and its voyageurs.  Since the inception of Voiture 1569 we have had the following voyageurs serve the Grande and Nationale. 


1990    Grand Chef de Gare—Harry Graul

1994    Grand Chef de Gare—Bob Kaseman


1999     Soups Chef de Chemin de Fer - Harry Graul

2002     Chef de Chemin de Fer—Bob Kaseman


Voiture 1569 meets the first Saturday of every month at 11:00 am at Lorton Post 162, 8210 Legion Drive, Lorton, VA.  All Voyageurs in good standing are welcome to join us at our Promenade.


MOVING TRAIN NEWS (click for PDF copy)



Chef de Gare                                                                            Chef de Train                                                          Correspondent    

Dave Hill                                                                                   Mark Felske                                                            Alan Amos           











March 2011


Salute Fellow Voyageurs


  Our date of our regularly scheduled April Promenade has been moved to Saturday, April 9th at 2:00 p.m.  This was due to some of us going to the Grande du Virginia Cheminot on April 1st-2nd.  I hope that since it is later in the day, more of you will be able to attend.  We will need as many Voyageurs there as possible, as we will have some resolutions for Grande Positions to vote on.  If you wish to hold a Grande Position, please let me or Amos know before this Promenade.


  I sincerely wish to thank each and every one of you for another OUTSTANDING Membership Year.  Currently, we are over 108% with 12 new members this year.  That is absolutely FANTASTIC.  Voiture 1569 has again shown Grande du Virginia that we are strong and continue to grow.  There are, however, a few of you who have not renewed for the 2011 year.  If you have not, please send in your renewal to Amos to ensure your continued right to say “Yes, I am a Voyageur Militaire, and damn proud of it”.


  I would also like to thank Mark Felske for stepping up and taking over the Promenades in my absence.  He has done well as Chef de Train.


  It is time to be thinking hard about our Officers and Directeurs at the Locale level.  Would you like to join the ranks of Officers in our Locale?  Let us know, nominations will be coming very, VERY soon.  We all need to also be thinking about end of Year Reports.  It is almost that time.  We really need a report from each Voyageur this year.  If you are not sure what all is on it, please ask, or go to the 40&8 website, click “resources, click “forms and Petite Communique”, then scroll about ½ way down the page and click “click here to view or print the 2010 Petite Communique”.  It is last years, but it is blank and will give you a better understanding of our reports.


  Just a reminder, Memorial Day is coming up in 2 months.  We need a strong showing of 1569 Voyageurs at this event.  Dick George also needs help for this event.  With Voyageurs coming from all over the country each and every year to Post 162, Voiture 1569 has to lead the way and make this a successful event.  If you have not registered yet, please do.


For the good of La Societe


Dave Hill

Chef de Gare

Voiture 1569